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Nyingmapa Stupas at Namtso Lake (by lylevincent)

You could say Copenhagen has a bike problem (by The Hamster Factor)

Only if Americans could take on the concept….

Group of women at the Anzac Day observance, Shrine of Remembrance, Anzac Square, Brisbane, 1937

Observing the Malaria rate in the native people of Papua New Guinea by means of blood smears and spleen examinations during the 17th Malaria Survey on June 5th 1944, during the World War 2 era.

Black Nirvana Stupa, Samye Gompa (by lylevincent)

Photographer: Kim Aldis

This is something beautiful and motivating!

There is a small community in the Bocas Del Toro islands called Old Bank which may be less fortunate in funds but which has an overabundance of smiles, happiness, and culture! The people here are full of life and vibrant, the children are sweet and courageous-not often seen without huge smiles on their faces. For ages, the kids in Bastimentos have been creative in order to play sports and make games out of their very limited resources. You will see them playing with water bottles filled with sand, vines from the jungle to skip rope, and baseballs fashioned out of rubbish to hit with bamboo bats. One thing that they can’t easily create is a safe, clean, proper sports field. This is a problem that can easily be solved with a little elbow grease and a lot of heart!

Video: Constructing the Indestructible

Tim Jahnigen had a vision for a soccer ball that would eliminate the need for the hand-sewn leather balls typically donated by relief agencies. But he needed some help to make it a reality.


Intersection | Kona, Big Island (by navid j)

Crossroads in life!

Please have a listen to some beautiful tunes…I met Tabitha Coldiron in Boquete, Panama and was blessed with her musical talent. I found it hard to believe that she has not been discovered yet!


caption here…unbelievable experience #life #amazing